About Lisa B. And Banish The Bitch

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Who Am I?

How Can I Help You?  

Banish The Bitch

Find Your Mr Right.  

The New Rules For Finding Love. 

What will Banish The Bitch do for you?

Some people think that finding Mr Right is reserved for only a mere few, I'm here to tell you there are many more Mr Rights out there than you think.

Firstly though, you need to work out what YOU want. You need to work out what makes YOU happy. You need to know what YOU want in life.

You need to 'find yourself' and be the Ms Right you WANT to be.

All it generally takes is a few minor shifts in your beliefs, understanding and how YOU participate in life. Then you will feel 100% ready to find Mr Right.

How can I help you?

If you need someone to believe in you more than you believe in yourself, then I am that person.

If you feel like you need to know the secrets to be happy in life, love and intimate relationships then you are definitely in the right place.

Why I wrote Banish The Bitch and Bring Out The Babe.

I needed answers!

I wrote this book because I felt confused, I felt that I was trapped in a man's world and I didn't know how to get out!

I already knew from experience that women are sometimes made to feel wrong for how we show up, how we act and who we are.

I needed things to change. I felt like I was a man, I felt unhappy and I didn't know how to fix it.

In my Book Banish The Bitch, I share some massive learnings, mistakes and discoveries.

I share how you can break down any barriers you may have unknowingly erected to keep people out - barriers that you feel you needed to erect to protect you.. We will also overcome any blockages you may be facing.

These distinctions will give you the opportunity to create a life where you feel centred, happy and you can thrive being the person you REALLY are.

All of these discoveries lead me to my fascination with masculine and feminine energy.

In my learnings I knew I was onto something And I delved deeper into the topic from 2003 reading everything I could find.

Basically it came down to this.... After reading everything I could get my hands on, I couldn't find the answers I wanted.

I couldn't find anything that resonated with me from a woman's point of view..

I felt every book on the subject told me because I am female, I should always be totally feminine.

What they said didn't resonate with me. It didnt make sense.

I couldn't believe that the information I wanted wasn't out there.. I couldn't find the book I wanted to read! This shocked me.

I knew then that I had to find the answers and then write a book to help others. I lived through the process over a 10 year period knowing that I would share this one day with all of you.

You will soon see that masculine and feminine energy really does change everything.

How do people feel after reading Banish The Bitch?

You will reach a level of awareness with regards to masculine and feminine energies to stop operating blindly with the opposite sex.

This will allow you to limit the mistakes you could make so that you DON'T make the same mistakes that a lot of us have.

Banish The Bitch and Bring Out The Babe will save you heartache, save you a lot of time and could save you a great deal of money.

The biggest thing of all though, is that you won't have self doubt with men and you won't spend endless hours beating yourself up for something that has nothing to do with you.

Why listen to me?

If you are confused about your place in the world, if you are confused about men...    

I have been where you are.  

This book was born out of that desperation.


My words might not be for everyone and my style might not suit everyone.. but if you allow it,  I can give you pearls of wisdom that can really help you in life. 


And just to let you know...

Men are completely unaware of what we want and what we need and quite frankly they don't need to know.  

This book is all about us.

My Background In Life


  • I'm a qualified NLP Master Practitioner   (2004)

  • I am an accredited Life Coach with the Life Coaching Academy   (1996)

  • In the world of self development I specialise in Masculine and Feminine Energy  in creating my clients ideal relationships.

  • I studied intensely with Tony Robbins from 1994 completing his Mastery University many times, as well as  joining his exclusive ‘Platinum Partners’ Group.

  • I have owned and operated multiple  successful businesses  in multiple locations (from 1995 to present)

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent since 1994 

  • Social Media Real Estate Trainer

  • Social Media Real Estate Speaker

  • Online Marketing Specialist

  • Won numerous awards for marketing and sales

  • Justice of the Peace


After many years of searching for the ideal relationship to fill voids that I THOUGHT I had.... 


 I  found an awesome relationship with MYSELF.  


Remember as you read this book, life is a journey. As with all journeys it's not about your destination, it's about the fun you make along the way. 


Use this information to have fun, to create peace and love with yourself and others around you.  


Ditch the negative self talk and self doubt.

It's time to tell the Inner Bitch to shut up and let your Inner Babe shine

There’s Masculine and Feminine Energy in every passionate relationship.
Which Energy would you like to be?

Would you like a taste of the book that will change your life?

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